Friday, July 9, 2010

219th GA: Home Safe and Sound after a Day of Travel

My wife and I left Minneapolis and the General Assembly Thursday morning. With help from Mitch and Sue, Vicki packed up the Presbyterian Voices for Justice Booth in the GA Exhibit Hall Thursday evening and we relaxed the rest of the evening while watching the GA Plenary via live streaming over the internet from the casual comfort of our motel room.

After the first good night’s sleep in three nights, we woke up yesterday morning, packed up our own belongings, walked with our luggage in tow to the light rail station at the Government Center stop, and rode to the Minneapolis airport.  With the Minneapolis skyline in the background (photo right), we only waited a few minutes a few minutes before we were able to board our AirTran flight.

After two uneventful flights, the first from Minneapolis to Milwaukee and the Second from Milwaukee to New York City, we landed safely at LaGuardia Airport. We took a taxi to where we were boarding our dog Myrrhlyn so that we could pick him up before they closed and he would not have to spend another night in the kennel. While my wife stayed at the kennel with canine and luggage, I took the subway home, picked up the car, and came to pick up her and the dog. We spent the rest of the evening watching the GA via live streaming while eating take out Chinese.

Although I might be back home and no longer at GA, I have a back log of reflections I want to write and post, so stay tuned to Summit to Shore for more reporting about GA and reflections afterward.

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