Sunday, November 1, 2009

About November’s Header Photo

Those new to Summit To Shore might want to know that every month I change the header photo. The header photo is the one that appears at the head, or top, of the blog regardless of whether you have arrived here using the general blog address or the address of a particular post. For instance, if you have have requested an old post or a search engine directs you to an old post, even though the post might be months old, the current header photo will be the one displayed, not the header photo from the month the post first appeared.

November 2009’s header photo was taken with my Sealife ECOshot on September 19, 2008. In the photo I can be seen paddling a yellow Necky Zoar Sport LV that belongs to the Sebago Canoe Club. When I started paddling closed cockpit boats after years of paddling my own sit-on-top, the Necky Zoar Sport LV was the first kayak I paddled. I continued paddling it for several more trips before moving up to longer boats. My favorite boat is now the Necky Chatham 17.

The scene is near Captree State Park (NY) in the Great South Bay just offshore and north of Fire Island, along the southern coast of Long Island.

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