Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Heart's Desire

In the 20th Psalm the Psalmist wrote “May God grant you your heart’s desire, . . . ”

Last Sunday the Lectionary Psalm was Psalm 20. After the reading of the Psalm I passed out 3x5 index cards and asked worshipers at North Church Queens to write the answer to the question “What is your heart’s desire?” Here are some of the responses.

To get well again

To have inner peace, love & joy

Peace to all

Going to the zoo

Family’s love

Good health for family members

To have a real truthful faith heart based relationship with God, not just the head intellectual meaningless excuse for real faith that I have always had

To go to heaven to be with the Lord and my husband



Peace ... in my family and with all

To keep on ticking, my dream is for peace

Peace and Healing


What is your heart’s desire? Write a comment and add to the list.

1 comment:

luseana said...

To be front and center, elbows on the stage for a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert... just once.