Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bann Thai

Less than two years ago my wife and I had never eaten Thai food. I was introduced to the cuisine on World Communion Sunday, October 1, 2007, at the fellowship dinner of the Thai Community Fellowship (PCUSA) following their worship. A few weeks later one of my nearby Presbyterian colleagues and I started meeting for lunch once a week at a nearby Thai Restaurant, BKNY. Eventually I introduced my wife to Thai food and now she is addicted. On the average she probably eats Thai three times a week. I probably eat Thai once a week. Between the two of us we frequent two different Thai restaurants, one in Queens and one in Manhattan (Chelsea). On occasion we may also dine at one of four or five other Thai eateries.

This evening my wife and I ate at Bann Thai, 69-12 Street in Forest Hills (Queens). We both enjoyed the Bann Thai Salad ($4.50). My wife found the Kra Prow Kai ($12.95) an excellent choice, spicy as requested but not hot enough to make her scalp tingle. I had Pad Preow Whan ($14.95). To cap it all off we shared the most heavenly Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango ($4.95), our favorite seasonal Thai dessert.

Living in New York City is like having the world as our kitchen. In addition to Thai food we also regularly enjoy Mexican, Chinese, Cuban, French and Italian food as well as Sushi. Yum.

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