Thursday, June 4, 2009

PrimaLoft Media Event

One of the perks of working, even part time, for one of the nation's leading outdoor specialty retailers (Eastern Mountain Sports) is the opportunity to attend clinics and media events presented by representatives of name brands.

Not long ago I attended an early morning clinic presented at the EMS SoHo store by two representatives of The North Face. They demonstrated some of their footwear via cut-apart samples as well as showing off some of their packs and tents. Part of the clinic involved several of us setting up a couple of their tents, including the “Minibus”, a nylon interpretation of the classic VW Minibus available in both two person and three person versions.

A few days later and late in the evening I was at an Icebreaker clinic also presented at the EMS SoHo store. I was not very familiar with Icebreaker Pure new Zealand Wool products prior to the clinic. After a DVD/PowerPoint presentation about Icebreaker’s history, philosophy, manufacturing process and product line I was sold. I purchased socks for myself and my wife as well as a top for my wife and briefs for myself. The socks and the briefs lived up to the representative’s claims.

Last night I went to a PrimaLoft New York Media Event held in the 19th floor penthouse of the Hotel Morgan on Madison Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets. The venue offered an excellent view overlooking Madison Avenue and up at the Empire State Building. PrimaLoft and their Marketing firm, Fendler Communications, as well as Alternatives were the hosts with the most by providing an open bar (beer and wine) and hors d ’oevres.

PrimaLoft supplies manufacturers (photo top right) of both home products (comforters and hypo-allergenic pillows) and outdoor products (jackets, pants, gloves and boots). While I was impressed by the comforters and pillows on display I was more interested in the outdoor products, including an EMS 30 degree Velocity bag and EMS Boreal 20 degree Infinity bag (photo bottom right) as well as apparel by name brands such as Patagonia, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, and Arc’Teryx, to name just a few.

If I had any doubts about the lightweight quality and insulating properties of PrimaLoft, my doubts were assuaged by a little demonstration. I was asked to close my eyes and hold out my hands palm up. I was then asked to identify which hand was starting to feel warmer. Once I announced my choice I was told to open my eyes. Lo and behold, there was a thin three inch by three inch square of PrimaLoft on my warmer hand. I had not felt it placed there (lightweight quality) but felt my hand warming (insulating properties). I took a few samples with me and have repeated this demonstration with friends and co-workers.

Attending such media events and clinics helps make me a more informed guide and better able to answer the questions and meet the needs of people considering purchasing and using outdoor adventure gear and apparel.

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