Friday, May 29, 2009

Joe Kinder at EMS SoHo

Even though I was not scheduled to work Friday, I rode the subway from Queens into Manhattan and the Eastern Mountain Sports SoHo store to meet Joe Kinder. What a nice, regular guy! As I was sitting in the store talking with him, I found it hard to imagine all the places he has climbed and the difficulty of the climbs he has completed. I would not have known he was a climber if I had not noticed the chalk between his fingers, left over from a gym climb earlier in the day. I thought to myself “He might be able to climb eight grades above me but I could still sit down and drink a beer with this guy.” Well, we didn’t drink a beer together but we did talk a little about climbing and also blogging, because Joe also has a blog. Check it out some time. He even looked at my blog, posed with me for a photo (at right), and signed a photo of himself (holding it in the photo at right). If you are in the New York metro area, come on down to EMS SoHo tomorrow, May 30, from noon-5:00 PM and meet Joe for yourself.

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