Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chance Meeting

Yesterday I happened to strike up a conversation with John, a resident of Florida visiting New York City. We were standing near the kayaking supplies in the Eastern Mountain Sports SoHo store on opening day in its new location and started talking about sailing and kayaking. Eventually he mentioned that he had a website devoted to building a community of people who share his passion for Florida and where he hopes to share articles about the people, places and activities that make sailing and kayaking in Florida so wonderful. I mentioned that a few months ago I had started blogging at Summit to Shore and he said that he had already visited my blog to read my post about 45 reasons to learn to sail. Our conversation then turned from sailing and kayaking to blogging and websites.

John is the first person I have met who has visited this blog from a distance; I mean other than people from New York City and other than people I know and have told about my blog. It was a neat experience.

Visit and explore John’s website and drop him a comment. Be sure to visit his site again if at any time in the near future you are planning to sail or kayak in Florida.

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