Wednesday, May 13, 2009

71% of Respondents Think Seeger Should Receive Nobel Peace Prize

My totally and non-random and non-scientific poll has closed. Seven people voiced their opinion about whether or not American folk singer and icon Pete Seeger should be awarded the Noble Peace Prize. Five respondents opined that he should. Two thought he should not.

To read Peter Drier’s piece about why Pete Seeger Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, visit The Huffington Post. If you or the five people who think that Seeger ought to receive the Nobel Peace Prize want to learn even more, or become active in the campaign to nominate him, visit A Nobel Peace Prize for Pete Seeger. To sign an electronic petition supporting a Pete Seeger Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, go to this link.

I think Seeger is worthy of at least being nominated and perhaps receiving the prize. After all, when was the last time any artist received it or was even nominated? It is about time the awards committee recognized the social transforming power of art, especially music, and its ability to transcend barriers of race, class and nationality. When people are singing together they tend not to shoot each other, torture one another, aim nuclear warheads at others, or otherwise engage in acts of violence.

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