Monday, March 2, 2009

Water Bloggers Meet

“Friends Romans, water bloggers . . . lend me your Ear.”

Several of New York City’s littoral literati who blog about humans interacting with a water environment in one way, shape or form recently met at one of Manhattan’s oldest Bars, the Ear Inn, housed in the historic James Brown House, a designated Landmark of the City of New York and on the National Register of Historic Buildings of the U.S. Department of the Interior. The gathering was organized by Bonnie, author of the blog “frogma”. Check out her post about the gathering to view some of her original photographs, read her own description, and find links to other water blogs with even more posts and photos from the evening.

My wife Vicki and I both attended this aquatic assembly. Prior to the party we knew only two others in attendance, Bonnie and John H, members, along with us, of the Sebago Caoe Club. Bonnie and I both post to the Sebago Blog. John H and I also happen to be NOLS Alums and have attended NOLS Alum gathering in NYC in addition to kayaking together. After dinner and a few beers I knew several more people and was able to put faces with names and blogs. It was a great gathering which will probably repeat itself in some manner, resulting in many new acquaintances and friends.

The Ear Inn was crowded but the food, drink and service were great (accept for the fact that we could not reserve table space.) High on my list was that they serve Guinness on tap. John H., Bonnie and I all had the Buffalo Burger in various permutations. All three of us were very satisfied with the offering. Vicki had the Grilled Salmon on Salad Greens which she would have again.

Having kayaked with Bonnie on the first Jones Beach seal watching trip and seeing her photographs from that trip, and having attended this recent gathering of water bloggers and viewing her pics from the evening, I am struck by how we seem to have much the same photographic eye, as many of our shots look similar.

Here is a slide show of my original photos taken the evening of our gathering.

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luseana said...

John, you need to learn to properly identify your shellfish. Those were mussels!