Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet My 100th Friend (on facebook)

I joined facebook in early January and am still learning how to use all the bells and whistles. Slowly but surely I have been, Mr. Rogers style, inviting people to be my friends and accepting invitations to be the friends of others. It seemed that for a week or more I had 99 friends (the non climbing type) and could not bring my list of friends into triple digits. I was feeling pretty socially dysfunctional compared to my friend and colleague Andy who, as of this post, has 377 friends. Then again, he is younger, single and more tech savvy than me.

I had issued a few invitations to people to be my facebook friends but all these folk were infrequent facebookers (is that a verb?) and had not yet responded. Then, out of the blue, I received an invitation from Jeff to be his friend. Jeff and I shared only one mutual friend, Andy! Through Andy I had come to know Jeff in real life and we had shared some church related work and meals together. So when Jeff invited me to be his friend I gladly accepted and my friend list moved into triple digits. I immediately sent Jeff a congratulatory note thanking him for being my 100th friend.

Now, however, I am not only feeling socially dysfunctional but downright socially isolated and network challenged because when Jeff Stricklin became my 100th friend, I became his 509th friend! Jeez! Talk about popular! I must be a social misfit! With only 100 facebook friends I feel like a real loser, an internet slacker, a networking nincompoop. Is there such a thing as facebook charm school? Sign me up, now!

If you would like to help me overcome my real or imagined sense of social isolation, visit me on facebook. And for the record, as of this posting, my facebook friends list is now up to 102! I am beginning to feel so much better, and popular.

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