Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank You, Bozeman and Missoula

Less than twenty-four hours after my last post, about Summit to Shore not receiving any visits from Montana and South Dakota, Google Analytics recorded two visitors to Summit to Shore from Montana. One visit was from Bozeman and the other from Missoula. Thank you, visitors from Missoula and Bozeman. I know nothing of your identity, but thank you nevertheless.

In yesterday’s original post I wrote that I had never been to Montana or South Dakota. My wife later reminded me that we had indeed flown into Billings, Montana, the state’s largest city, several years ago. We arrived in the morning and left that evening. Now that my memory has been jump started I remember the day being sunny and mild and our visit pleasant.

Missoula is the second largest city in Montana and the state’s largest media market. A bing search revealed what looks to be an outstanding outfitters in Missoula, Traili Head, Missoula MT! Check it out. There is at least one Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Congregation in Missoula, fpc missoula, with a pretty neat website. If I ever make it to Missoula, I will be sure to visit both.

Bozeman is the state’s fifth largest city. It is two hours north of Yellowstone and home of the H20 Kayak School and Barrel Mountaineering. Bozeman. like Missoula, hosts at least one Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Congregation, First Presbyterian Church, which has its own 10 acre wilderness camp! I think I am ready to visit Bozeman in the flesh.

In the meantime, I am still waiting for the first visitor to Summit to Shore from South Dakota and hope they will leave a comment.

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