Monday, December 14, 2009

Get the Stink Out

I rarely review or endorse outdoor sports related products, but when I run across something unique related to climbing, backpacking or kayaking that actually does what the manufacture claims it will do, and that I have found useful, I want to tell other outdoor enthusiasts about it. Such is the case with McNett mirazyme Odor Eliminator.

I have used this product to remove the normal stink from neoprene booties, HydroSkin tops and bottoms, and nylon water shoes after a day of kayaking in salt water. I have also used it to remove (mostly) one of the most difficult to remove odors, cat urine, from cotton, nylon and neoprene. I have not found any other product that works as well when it comes to removing the smell of cat urine.

Modifying the manufacturer’s directions, I have used McNett mirazyme Odor Eliminator in a top loading washer. I used the warm water setting and allowed the offending items to go partially through the wash cycle. Halfway through the wash cycle I paused it by lifting the lid of the washer and let the offending items soak overnight in the washer. The next morning I closed the lid, the items finished washing in the mirazyme solution, and then, not following the directions, I allowed them to go through the rinse cycle.

I have also used the dip method and the spray bottle method with great success. The only problem with the dip method is that the items drip all over the place and take a long time to dry.

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