Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Obama’s First International Crisis?

Did the Somali pirates holding the American captain of an American flagged commercial ship qualify as an international crisis? Whether or not it did, I am impressed with how our President handled the situation.

First, he did not say a lot about it. He made no bellicose statements and issued no threats.

Second, he did not embargo, bomb or invade Somalia.

Third, he allowed enough time for the Navy and FBI to negotiate with the captors in an attempt to diffuse and end the situation without loss of life. There was no knee-jerk reaction.

Fourth, he empowered and trusted the Navy Commander in the field to exercise deadly force if the opportunity presented itself. No innocent civilians were killed. There was no collateral damage.

Fifth, he did not fly to the Navy destroyer to make a speech with a big banner proclaiming victory behind him. In fact, he has said very little after the fact.

Not only do I think that our President passed the test; I also think the Navy passed as well, especially the Navy Seal sharpshooters. The final score: Obama 1, Navy 1, Navy Seals 1, Somalia pirates -3.


Stushie said...

I guess we have to wait and see what the repercussions are. It's much too soon for a "good job, Obie" or a "mission accomplished." We learned that the hard way with the last admin.

John Edward Harris said...

Yes, Stushie, time will tell. Another US Falgged ship has already been attacked. I think we will be hearing about Somali pirates for some time. Where is Robert Maynard when we need him?

Gary said...

I am very happy with the outcome regarding the safety of the crew and Captain. I am glad that the President did not let this one event hold our entire country hostage. As previously stated he let a competent military handle the situation in a safe and expeditious manner. Sadly the US media tried to make it the main story every day. Now the world must join together and put a stop to this piracy/terrorism.

Some reports were that the surviving pirate when asked why he was doing this supposedly said "because there are 20 million starving Somalis on shore". I believe this young man is only 16 yrs of age. But if I remember correctly the Somali War Lords and Tribal Elders don't really share the booty from these acts with the starving population. Maybe the UN and not just the US needs to take a hard look at these starving people and what we can do end their plight.

I feel as our new President see's more and is privy to more Intel he and his administration may see many things in a different light. Some of the previous administration actions may be found to be understandable and correct. Not all but some.