Sunday, April 5, 2009

ex nihilo redux: Three Months and Counting

Today marks the 3 month anniversary of my first blog post, ex nihlio, posted on Monday, January 5, 2009. In WWJB, posted on February 5, 2009, I reflected on a month of blogging. I allowed the second month anniversary to go by without comment, however. Not so the third month.

Though I started Summit to Shore on January 5 I did not begin using Google Analytics until January 25, so I have no traffic reports until starting then. Here are the numbers since January 25.

951 visits have come from 19 countries/territories. 918 visits came from the United States. The other 18 countries/territories with their numbers of visits have been:
Canada 6
United Kingdom 6
India 3
Philippians 3
Spain 2
Netherlands Antilles, Sweden, Nigeria, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium, Poland, Panama, South Africa, France, Trinidad and Tobago, Jordan, and Australia each logged one visit.

Of the 918 visits from the United States, over half, 500, were from New York State, and over 80%of those, 411, were from New York City (thank you, home town folks).

Two visits from Alaska still stand out in my mind. Alaska’s two visits to Summit to Shore have been from Wasilla, home town of Alaska Governor and former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. Do you think? Nah! But just in case, and in the event of a return visit, HELLO SARAH! Thanks for visiting Summit to Shore. You betcha. Have you seen any Russian planes flying over Alaska lately?

To date I am still waiting for visits from nine states as no one from Vermont, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Dakota, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Montana or Hawaii have yet to visit Summit to Shore. If you have friends or relatives or know anyone else in those states, please ask them to visit my blog and be the first from their state to do so.

The most popular page view, with 80 views, has been my post about Western North Carolina Presbytery being the first Presbytery to flip-flop on their vote regarding G-6.0106b. The second most popular post has been my tongue-in-cheek parody masquerading as a Presbyterian News Service article about Amendment B showing a fourth quarter rally. I wrote that parody in response to two PNS articles, one posted March 11 and the other posted March 19 by Jerry L. Van Marter. The third most popular post, with half as many visits as the most popular, was my Letter to the Editor of the Presbyterian Outlook in response to their lagging coverage of the amendment 08-B vote. Thus, by far the most popular material on Summit to Shore has been related to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and its voting on amendment 08-B.

The three next six most popular posts have all related to kayaking, and two of those related to Jones Beach. Page views after these most popular are pretty mixed with regard to content.

What has been your favorite post? Least favorite? What would you like to read more about? What I have I not written about between summit to shore that you like me to write about? Leave me a comment and give me some direction. Otherwise I might break out my GPS and ask it to send me to a randomly selected direction.

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