Friday, October 2, 2009

Preachers Answer "Who Is Jesus?" Question

At the workshop on Delivering the Gospel in which I recently participated, I preached a four minute segment of a sermon I had earlier preached at North Church Queens in which I asked “Who is Jesus?” The workshop participants answered the question just like those in attendance at North Church. Here are the answers offered by seminary educated and experienced preachers. I asked them to limit their responses to ten words or less.

The very presence of almighty God
God’s living and glorious Word made saving flesh
Jesus was a Palestinian! (Jesus was a Jew!) Karl Barth
Faithful friend who ups life in and around me
Jesus is God’s son our salvation
Jesus is the anointed one for the world, all that is
Jesus: (One with) Heart the size of God
The one wholly in communion with the Holy
Jesus – is my friend. He is God’s Son and my Savior.
Jesus is what moves through the leaves

And your answer in ten words or less?

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