Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parallel Paths

I wonder how much of my theology and faith has been influenced by my environmental awareness and love of the natural world, and how much of my love for the natural world and commitment to the environment has been influenced by my Christian faith. My hunch is that they have both influenced each other and developed together in tandem, on parallel paths.

From a theologically informed intellectual viewpoint I must argue that Christianity is a communal faith. A Christian cannot live the Christian life nor worship God as an isolated individual. Christians, by definition, assemble for worship, share bread and cup, and participate in community. On the other hand, from a purely personal viewpoint, I can feel just as close to God, if not closer, on a mountain top, on a wilderness trail, on an exposed rock face, or on open water in a kayak.

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Lloyd R. Johnson said...

The wonderfulness of gathering together in worship is the bringing and sharing those "alone experiences" and "contemplative prayers" with fellow Christians. Your wilderness trail leads to another's mountantop experience to another's time of grief. We meet at each other intersection. Without the sharing there is a little bit of emptiness. With it there is fullness. Hallelujuah! - Elder Lloyd R. Johnson