Monday, March 1, 2010

About the March 2010 Header Photo

Every month on Summit to Shore I feature a different original photo for the header. For odd numbered months I feature a “shore” shot and for even numbered months I feature a “summit” shot. This month’s photo of Atlantic City, NJ at sunset was taken with my Verizon HTC Imagio phone. While its focus time is slower than my Sealife ECOshot digital camera, it takes better photos under low light conditions.

The Photo was taken in January 2010 from the second floor observation deck of The Pier Shops at Caesars, looking south back toward Atalntic City. I balanced my phone on a flat wooden railing in order to minimize vibrations and was very satisfied with some of the shots.


CaptainV45 said...

It is a really nice picture. Good Shot!

John Edward Harris said...

Thanks, Captain. Setting it up was not easy. One of the nice features of digital photogrpahy is being able to take many photos without the cost of developing film.