Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NIKWAX Sandal Wash Really Works

I am not in the habit of endorsing products. Nor have I offered many product reviews, though I may post some in the future. This is my first.

I recently purchased and used NIKWAX Sandal Wash and highly recommend it. I used it to clean an old grungy pair of Teva Sandals (photo right) that had recently been submerged in Jamaica Bay, NY, a new pair of Teva Sandals I have worn around town but have not gotten wet, a pair of Birkenstocks with pretty soiled foot beds, and a really stinky nylon watch band, all with great success (all pictured botton right, Teva still with Sandal Wash applied, Birkenstock and watchband cleaned and dried).

I had no concerns about using NIKWAX Sandal Wash on the Tevas since Tevas are designed to be wet. On the other hand I was a little concerned about using it on the Birkenstocks even though the NIKWAX Sandal Wash label listed Birkenstock. I was concerned that the water rinse as well as the NIKWAX product would discolor or weaken the Birkenstocks since they are made of leather as well as cork and glue.

I briefly ran cold water over the Birkenstock foot beds, applied the Sandal Wash as directed, washed, rinsed, patted dry with a paper towel, and then set the Birkenstocks out in the sun to dry. What a difference. Not only does the foot bed look better, it also smells fresh and some of the original nap has returned.

Even though NIKWAX does not claim that its sandal wash can be used on stinky nylon watchbands, I thought that since a nylon watch band is not much different than the straps on Tevas that I could safely do so. Since the watch on the strap is water resistant I ran the watch and band under cold water, applied and scrubbed with NKWAX Sandal Wash, rinsed, and allowed the band to dry. Now the band smells almost as good as new.

I have used other NIKWAX products to clean and waterproof leather boots and have been doing so for years, but I had an aversion to using the Sandal Wash. I thought that a sandal wash could not do anything more than a good cycle in the clothes washer, which I have done with my Tevas in the past (but never my Birkenstocks). The next time my Tevas, Birkenstocks, or nylon watch band stinks, I will reach right away for the NIKWAX Sandal Wash.

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