Monday, August 24, 2009

Myrrhlyn Goes Kayaking

What a day to forget to bring my camera along, our dog Myrrhlyn’s first kayaking trip! Late Saturday afternoon we took Myrrhlyn to the Sebago Canoe Club, hauled our sit-on-tops down to the dock, and with Myrrhlyn in the cockpit of my wife Vicki’s kayak we paddled out under the Belt Parkway Bridge into Jamaica Bay. We beached just beyond the bridge to see how Myrrhlyn would handle the beach and surf. He loved the beach, stayed close to us, but would not walk out into the water from the beach. He did, however, climb up into the cockpit of my wife’s kayak which was half on the beach and half in the water. Balancing himself as the kayak rocked to and fro while he worked his way out to the stern, he jumped from the stern into the water, waded out until he had to swim, and then swam out to as where we were standing about knee to thigh deep. He did this three times.

With dark clouds building and evening approaching we loaded Myrrhlyn back into Vicki’s boat and headed back to Sebago. Midway we rafted up and Myrrhlyn climbed from Vicki’s boat into mine. After paddling with Myrrhlyn in my boat for awhile we rafted up again, had Myrrhlyn climb from my Kayak back into Vicki’s, and then headed into the Sebago dock.

Back at Sebago we hosed down our boats, our gear and Myrrhlyn.

All in all we probably spent less than two hours at Sebago, but it was two hours well spent. We are now convinced that Myrrhlyn is indeed a water dog. I have yet to determine if he is a mountain dog.

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bonnie said...

Wonderful. Congratulations!