Friday, April 16, 2010

Life Will Find A Way

Sometimes even against the greatest of odds life finds a way. For instance the other day I noticed a few small purple and orange flowers poking their way out of a thin crack in the concrete in front of the house (photo right). Upon closer examination I discovered that the winners in the struggle for survival were pansies.

My wife thinks that last year she scattered some loose pansy seeds after planting pansies in a flower pot on the front steps. Somehow a few of these seeds settled in the crack, survived the winter, and are now flowering. I find it amazing and worthy of awe.

Back on March 22nd I wrote in that day’s post that “every-day beauty can be seen in places other than the obvious, from tree lined streets, both residential and commercial, to wildflowers growing in window boxes.” I had no idea back then that the beauty of nature would be making an appearance out of a thin crack in some concrete, but it is. And it has touched my citified soul and caused me to ponder greater mysteries.

In my mind it is not a great intuitive leap from those pansies poking through a thin crack in the concrete to life on our planet. Against great odds life took hold on this planet and while some species have become extinct, life in general still thrives on a hunk of rock circling a star in the midst of the cold vacuum of space, sort of like a concrete in front of our home sun.

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