Friday, April 2, 2010

The Last Crocus of Spring?

For the past month, through rain and sun, warm weather and cold, calm days and wind, I have been observing and photographing the crocus growing, and dying, in the front yard of North Church Queens. The budding, flowering, and near death of these little signs of spring has been a nature lesson in miniature.

Last week at this time I thought the crocus were done for, victims of wind and cold. But this week a few crocus still remain, one of them appearing in the photo to the right. Where once there had been bunches of five or more spread across the lawn, now only one or two are still growing in those spots, isolated heralds of spring in their little tuft of turf, their proclamation of spring having been usurped by brilliant yellow flowering daffodils.

Now that warm and sunny weather has returned once again to the Big Apple after several days of cold drenching rain, the few remaining crocus, standing like Gendarmes guarding against a late spring snow, seem to have done their duty. Will there be any remaining on guard duty next week?

Living in a urban environment where one's connection to the cycles of nature can easily be eclipsed by concrete and neon, I have been reminded by the crocus in the lawn at North Church Queens to be mindful of even small natural wonders.

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