Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who’s My Daddy?

My name is Myrrhlyn. I am a dog. I am not just a dog, I am an adopted dog. I am a rescue. My human caretakers adopted me August 7, 2009. My first vet estimated that I was born March 24, 2009, but I remember very little about my biological family. My adoptive human “parents” know even less.

When my new human family picked me up at Wilma’s Orphans, a canine orphanage on Long Island, they were told that I was a Labrador Retriever mix, perhaps mostly Chocolate Lab. They knew I was not a pure bred but had no idea what breed, other than Retriever, might be in my blood line. When people look at me they sometimes see a little Doberman, Boxer, Bull Terrier and Rottweiler mixed in. I have no idea who or what my daddy was, nor do I know anything about my mother.
My human companions recently purchased a DNA Breed Identification kit from BioPet Vet Lab. Using two cotton swabs they collected DNA from the inside of my cheeks and mailed the sample away for analysis. Very soon we should receive the results and then we will all know more about my breed background.
When we receive the results of the DNA analysis, I will let you know what we learn. Until then, my humans know a few things about me for certain. They know that I am still a growing puppy who makes his fair share of mistakes and that sometimes I can be a demanding pest as much as a loving pet. But look at this picture of me lying on a futon. Do I look like I could get into any mischief?

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