Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It is snowing today in New York City, as it is all across the Mid-Atlantic States. The Big Apple dodged the last big storm of a few days ago, the one that buried Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, but we are not going to miss this one. It started snowing Tuesday evening before 11:00 PM. This morning I woke up to an inch or two of very wet snow—more like an inch of snow on top of an inch of slush. This morning, when I walked our dog Myrrhlyn, the snowflakes were larger than unbroken cornflakes. They were simply huge. The air temperature is just below freezing. The photo to the right is the view of the street from one of our front, second floor windows, shot through the glass and screen.

We are predicted to receive 9-15 inches of total accumulation before the storm moves out to sea Thursday morning around 6:00 AM. With the heaviest accumulation expected this afternoon, and winds gusting to up to 40 mph, we are expecting blizzard like conditions.

Mayor Bloomberg made the decision yesterday to cancel school today. Today is only the second time in eight years that New York City Schools have been closed due to snowfall. I think it was a prudent and wise decision.

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