Saturday, May 1, 2010

About the May 2010 Header Photo

This month’s header photo features a view of Ocracoke’s Silver Lake, shot from the National Park Service docks and looking east toward the famed Ocracoke Lighthouse. Located at the southernmost remote inhabited point of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Ocracoke (both an island and a town on the Island) can be reached only by air or sea (vehicle ferry) and is one of our favorite vacation spots.

It has been over a year and a half since we last visited Ocracoke and I am looking forward to spending nearly two weeks there starting very soon. We will be camping at the National Park Service Campground, along with our dog Myrrhlyn. Myrrhlyn has been to the beach and ocean before but has never been camping, so we will see how it goes. We will be taking our sit-on-top kayaks with us and I hope the weather will allow us to enjoy some kayaking in Silver Lake as well as in the sound and in the ocean.

This is the third Summit to Shore header photo featuring a scene from Ocracoke. The March 2009 header photo featured a dune shot taken in or near the National Park Service campground. The September 2009’s header photo was taken near Sam’s Point and featured my wife kayaking and our now deceased dog Hermes swimming near Teach’s Hole.

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