Monday, May 10, 2010

A Tale of Two North Churches

There are 96 congregations in New York City Presbytery, a regional governing body of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Those 96 particular churches are all located within the five boroughs of New York City. So what do you think there odds are that two of the churches would both be named “North Church”? Believe it or not, there are two, one in Manhattan and one in Queens.

For the past two and half years I have been serving as Designated Pastor of the North Church in Queens. Twice in the past few months, however, I have attended New York City Presbytery events at North Church Manhattan.

North Church Manhattan is located at 525 W. 155th Street, placing it in northern Manhattan. North Church Queens is located at 25-33 154th Street in Queens, placing it in northern Queens. Thus the “North” moniker of both churches is appropriate. But that is about where the similarities end.

North Church Queens is located in a rather quiet residential area of single family homes. The small New England style sanctuary, which can seat around 120, was built in 1940. North Church Manhattan sits amid two of Manhattan’s busiest streets and there are several large apartment buildings nearby. I estimate that the North Manhattan sanctuary, built in 1904, can seat 400-500 or more.

North Church Manhattan is currently served by Stated Supply Pastor the Reverend Christopher Smith, pictured top right. The other photos contrast the appearance of North Church Queens (on the left) with North Church Manhattan (on the right).

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wendy said...

I attend NCQ and can tell you it is a little slice of peaceful county right here is Flushing Queens. A very sweet setting between the church, the grounds and the small intimate congregation. Very much a place where everyone knows your name.