Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Election Day

It is primary Election Day in New York State. The polls opened at 6:00 AM. I voted around 10:30 AM and was the seventeenth person from in election district to vote in my party’s primary.
We have a new voting procedure in New York. We used to have the old style lever voting machine but had to abandon them in order to comply with federal law. At this election, I was given a small print paper ballot and instructed to fill in the circle next to the name of the person I wanted to vote for. Other than the small print, the ballot reminded me of a standardized test, the kind with multiple-choice answers and you are to fill in the circle or oval next to the answer you think is correct.
After I filled out my ballot I walked to a scanner where I placed the ballot in a tray that sucked the ballot into what I assume is a counting machine.
If today is a primary Election Day in your state, vote early and vote often. If you do not exercise your franchise then you should not complain when our elected officials make bad decisions, make no decisions, or misbehave.

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