Thursday, September 2, 2010

About the September 2010 Header Photo

In early August, my wife and I attended a wedding that was about half an hour’s drive to the east. The reception was a few hours later, another hour’s drive to the east. It was not worth driving home between the wedding and the reception so we drove toward the reception and explored the northern coast of Long Island until it was time for the reception.

This was our first time to explore the northern shore of our home island, and we discovered that the closest coastal area near the reception was the Oyster Bay area. We parked near the waterfront and walked around T. Roosevelt Memorial Park during what was a warm, sunny afternoon with a slight breeze. While we were enjoying our waterfront walk, I snapped this month’s header photo with my HTC Imageo smart phone.

The shot looks out over Long Island Sound’s West Harbor from the T. Roosevelt Memorial Park.

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