Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You Are Invited to the Sebago Canoe Club All Club Invitational

The Sebago Canoe Club will be will be hosting an "All Club Invitational" on Saturday July 17th. Planned as a “a gathering of human powered boaters on Jamaica Bay” the club expects to welcome and host 100-200 guest kayakers, sailors, canoeists, rowers and other types of human powered boaters.

Jamaica Bay, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, encompasses over 16,000 acres of islands, salt marshes, beaches, duck marshes and is teeming with wildlife. It is an excellent environment for kayaking, canoeing, rowing and sailing.

At the All Club Invitational you can explore Jamaica Bay on your own or join a guided trip into the Bay escorted by a member of the Sebago Canoe Club. There will be specific destinations where you can land and hear information about the harbor estuary system from partner organizations. Or if you do not feel like paddling you can simply relax on the grounds of the Sebago Canoe Club and enjoy the day.

The All Club Invitational is totally FREE. The Sebago Canoe Club will be providing food and drinks all day long for its friends and guests AT NO CHARGE. However, you should bring along energy bars and water for any trips you plan to take out into the bay.

Reservations are not required but the club does ask that ALL clubs and individuals let it know by June 28th that they are coming so the club can plan for the appropriate amount of parking, food, drink, trips etc.

Unfortunately you will need to bring your own boat. Due to the large number of people expected, the club will not be able to loan out boats. If you are a member of a club, try to borrow a club boat. If you are an individual, see if you can borrow a boat from a friend or rent one for the day from a local outfitter.

ANY human powered craft can participate. The Sebago Canoe Club has an 8' wide ramp leading down to a 30' dock that has a low freeboard. If your boat is larger and cannot fit down Sebago’s ramp, you can launch from one of the neighbor’s concrete boat ramps. Sebago has the facility to launch any boat of any size and weight. The ONLY RESTRICTION is that to enter Jamaica Bay you have to go under a bridge with a 28' clearance at mean high tide. Sebago asks that any person with a boat that cannot fit down the Sebago ramp should let it know so it can arrange for you to moor and launch at one of the adjoining clubs.

Please contact the All Club Invitational Coordinator at allclub@sebagocanoeclub.org by June 28th to reserve a spot.

Sebago is accessible by public transportation or by car. See the club's website for more information. Please be aware that you CANNOT take a trailer on any Parkway in New York and will have to use truck routes if you are towing a boat to come to Sebago.

Free parking on the street is available in front of the club and Sebago has made arrangements with neighboring clubs to use their parking lots at no charge.

Trailer parking, including overnight parking, is also available, but please contact the All Club Invitational Coordinator at allclub@sebagocanoeclub.org by June 28th to reserve a spot.

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