Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One Year and Counting

When I set up Summit to Shore and started blogging a year ago, I had not given the whole blogging thing much thought. I just jumped in and learned by trial and error along the way. If I were to start all over I might do some things differently.

I am wondering if Summit to Shore is too eclectic. Admittedly, its subject matter extends far and wide, perhaps too far and wide. Should I limit its focus? Should I post less often but with longer and more thoughtful posts? What is the right balance between quantity and quality?

If nothing else, blogging has either ignited or rekindled within me an interest in writing, perhaps even an urge to write. I do not know what path this new direction will ultimately take me or this blog. We shall see.

A year’s anniversary is a good time to reflect and take stock. In its first year I published 213 posts, averaging over four a week and seventeen a month. Since I did not start using Google Analytics until January 28, 2009, and did not install a site meter until February 1, 2009, I am still collecting a full year’s worth of data to reflect upon. That also means that any potential visitor from South Dakota still has until February 27th to register a visit.


Jody Harrington said...

I've noticed that blogs that are very tightly focused on a narrow subject (such as Introverted Church or my daughter's blog on interior design) develop a devoted readership with consistently high numbers of comments.

I've been thinking about creating a new blog devoted just to book reviews and discussions. Like you, I just jumped into blogging and although I do avoid some subjects I like being eclectic and I like your broad range of subjects.

Lloyd R. Johnson said...

Don't change the blog ... keep changing the blog. My sister-in-law sings with the group Sweet Honey in the Rock. They've been around for over 30 years and many people have never heard of them. I see them at Carnegie Hall every year. They have a following and their music is a specific niche.

Your blog is spread out and I like that. Your followers will grow in their own way. Don't change, keep changing. <> Lloyd

John Edward Harris said...

Thanks QC and KS for your comments. I think of myself as a generalist, somewhat eclectic, almost a renaissance type man, certainly not a specialist. I think our world is becoming overspecialized to the point where people can no longer talk intelligently about anything not in their field of specialty. I am also a firm believer in a liberal arts education, of which I am a product and its emphasis on a well rounded education for the well rounded individual. For the time being I think Summit to Shore will reflect this, but who knows what the more distant future might hold.

bonnie said...

One of the fun thing about blogging is that your blog is basically what you want it to be!

John Shuck said...

Thanks for blogging! You are doing great!