Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Fellowship of the Ring Assembled

A good friend of mine, knowing I like both Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and LEGO, assembled a group of over a dozen LEGO LOTR mini-figures from e-Bay and presented them to me as a birthday gift. I love the gift of orcs, hobbits, men, a dwarf and a wizard but without a certain elf and a certain man the Fellowship of the Ring was not complete. The Fellowship was missing Aragorn and Legolas.

I was able to locate The King of Gondor and the ace Archer of the Elves by searching Amazon and ordered them. After they arrived from separate vendors, including one vendor in Europe, I assembled the mini-figures, placed them on a base plate with the rest of the Fellowship, and displayed them on the book shelf where several Tolkien and Tolkien related books are shelved.

Now that the Fellowship is complete, the adventure awaits.

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