Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cleaning Your Hydro Flask

A few months ago my good friend Dave gave me an 18 oz Hydro Flask he had purchased at REI. I have been using it almost everyday ever since to take hot Chai Tea to drink as I drive to work and as I work at my desk once I arrive. The Hydro Flask keeps the tea so hot that I sometimes leave the lid open so it will cool down faster.

Some days it can take me an hour or two before I finish my tea, and then I often fail to rinse out the Hydro Flask until I get home at the end of the day, at least eight hours later, sometimes longer.

After a few months of nearly daily use my Hydro Flask was starting to look pretty stained inside and no amount of dish soap, water, and brushing seemed to make a difference. After a little research I tried generic denture tablets. I dropped a whole tablet in the bottom of the empty Hydro Flask, filled the flask  up with hot water, and let it sit over night. The next morning I scrubbed the inside of the flask with a brush.

The first tab tablet made a major difference but did not remove all the discoloration. The next night I used two denture tablets and by the next morning nearly all the stain was gone. The third night I used one more tablet, allowed the flask to soak all night, and then brushed and rinsed in the morning. My Hydro Flask looked as good as new on the inside.  Now I am using a denture tablet once a week, allowing the flask to soak all night, and brushing and rinsing the next morning.