Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prayer for Scientists and People of Faith on the occasion of Evolution Weekend

This is Evolution Weekend. I searched the internet, hoping I would find a suitable prayer for scientists and people of faith to use in Worship on Sunday, but did not find anything I found acceptable. Here is what I ended up writing, borrowing a key phrase from The Clergy Letter Project Open Letter Concerning Religion and Science.
God of mystery,
you have given us hearts to be warmed by your Spirit
and minds to be enlightened by your knowledge.
May all people of faith come to believe
that the timeless truths of the Bible
and the discoveries of modern science
may comfortably coexist.
And may scientists of all scientific disciplines,
learn that not all people of faith are luddites, creationists, or believe in a flat earth,
but warmly embrace foundational scientific truths
as complimentary of, rather than obstacles to, their faith.


Sylvia said...

I always enjoy your blog. Today, it made me look up 'Luddite' and stretch my mind just a little further. I am currently reading "World Made By Hand" by Kunztler which has the premise that machines are 'bad'. Your prayer was a nice counterpoint to all the doom and gloom that I am currently swimming through.

John Edward Harris said...

Thanks for posting your comment, Sylvia. I am not familiar with Kuntzler, but an glad my prayer could brighten your day.