Sunday, September 9, 2018

"God of the Seasons" Prayer

God of the seasons,
we marvel at how our weather can change in a matter of days,
from sunny and above 90 degrees one day
to rain and barely above 60 degrees a few days later.
We pray for those already affected by heavy rain and flooding,
and knowing that more precipitation and high water is on the way,
we pray for those yet to be affected.
We pray for those along the southeast US coast,
especially in the Carolina’s,
even now bracing for a direct hit from hurricane Florence sometime Thursday or Friday.
We know that there is also a very good likelihood that we ourselves,
before this time next week,
might be effected by the aftermath and remnants of Florence.
Keep us, our families, neighbors, friends,
and our communities in your care in the week ahead. Amen.

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