Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Prayer in memory of John McCain

Faithful God,
We remember and give thanks for the life and public service of John McCain.
We thank you for his service to his country
            as a Naval Aviator in the Viet Nam War who was shot down, captured,
            and suffered for five years as a prisoner of war.
Though we might not have always agreed with his politics,
            we thank you for his service to his country as a member of the House of Representatives,
            a United States Senator,
            and a candidate for President of the nation he served and loved.
We pray that his life of service and dedication to duty, honor, and country
            might serve as an example for all military officers and politicians.
We pray that the civility and truth telling he displayed in public office
            might influence Republicans as well as Democrats and Independents
            as our nation faces turbulent political times and upcoming mid-tern elections.

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