Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Letter to the Editor of the Wheeling Sunday News-Register

March 27, 2018

J. Michael Myer
Executive Editor, Sunday News-Register
1500 Main Street
Wheeling, WV 26003

The March 24th “March for Our Lives” rally in Washington, DC was perhaps the most newsworthy event of the weekend yet you relegated the superb AP Story to page four of the March 25th issue rather than featuring it on the front page. The content of the AP story itself offers enough reasons why it should have been featured on the front page.

Furthermore, you failed to even mention with any addition or a separate story that approximately three hundred local residents gathered at Wheeling’s Heritage Port on the same day for the same reason and that local college and high school students, some reading prepared remarks and some speaking extemporaneously, spoke passionately and coherently as they argued for common sense gun legislation. Shame on you. #NeverAgain.

John Edward Harris
Wellsburg, WV

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