Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Open Letter to Conservative Pundits and Pols

An Open Letter to Conservative Pundits and Pols

Glenn Beck
Citizens United
John Boenher
Eric Cantor
Ann Coulter
Fox News
Sean Hannity
Koch Brothers
Rush Limbaugh
Mitch McConnell
Grover Norquist
Bill O’Reilly
Karl Rove
Rick Scot
Donald Trump
Tea Party Republicans

Elections have consequences.  In spite of your lies, your millions of dollars spent on attack ads, your attempts to suppress likely Democratic voters, your abuse of the filibuster to gridlock the Senate, and your laughable claims that Obama and the Democrats engaged in class warfare in a class war you initiated, Barak Obama has won reelection to a second term. He won an overwhelming Electorial College victory as well as the majority of the popular vote.

In the next four years, I do not want to hear any more about your highest priority being making Obama a one term president, his not being born in the United States, his being a socialist, or any other rich, white, racist, misogynist, homophobic  garbage.  I want you to act like Americans instead of acting like you come from another planet.  I want you to responsibly report and govern.  And tell Donald Trump that the world is laughing at him.

John Edward Harris

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