Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lectionary Ruminations for Sunday, November 4, 2012, the Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)

Posted each Thursday, Lectionary Ruminations focuses on the Scripture Readings, taken from the New Revised Standard Version, for the following Sunday per the Revised Common Lectionary. Comments and questions are intended to encourage reflection for readers preparing to teach, preach, or hear the Word. Reader comments are invited and encouraged. All lectionary links are to the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible via the PC(USA) Devotions and Readings website, but if you prefer another translation, feel free to use that instead. (Other references may be linked to the NRSV via the oremus Bible Browser.) 

How shall we interpret this reading in light of the upcoming election and political debate about immigration?

1:1 What do you know about Moab?

1:2 Why so much information?

1:2-3 Why is all this background important?

1:11 What does Naomi mean?

1:14 To what do you attribute the difference between Orpah and Ruth?

1:16 How many times have you heard this verse quoted?

146:1-2 This is a statement of faith!

146:2-3 This is important to hear two days before our national elections.

146:5-9 These are important verses for us in the North East as we will be hearing them in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

9:11 What are “the good things” and “the greater and perfect tent”?

9:12 What and where is “the Holy Place” and when did Christ enter it?

9:14 What is the difference, if any, between atonement and sanctification?

12:28 Who are the “them” that were disputing?

12:29 The Shema!

12:31 The scribe asked for the greatest commandment.  Why does Jesus answer with two?

12:29-31 What about The Ten Commandments?

12:32-33 Read these verses in light of today’s Epistle!  This might offer an opportunity for a juxtaposition of the Epistle and Gospel for a theological dialectic.

12:34 How much farther does this scribe need to go to enter the kingdom of God?


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This past week, I was writing Lectionary Ruminations while also hunkering down for the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy.   For some personal reflections on that experience, click on the Summit to Shore header and read the previous posts.

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