Tuesday, June 7, 2011

thumbtack: Tutoring

This morning I discovered thumbtack,  a marketplace for local services where I have listed my tutoring services. As I gain more experience tutoring, I am discovering how enjoyable and fulfilling it is. One of the few problems with tutoring is finding students in the greater Ridgewood, NY area who need and want tutoring, and I am hoping that thumbtack will helpdraw more students to my services. Because I want to be able to travel to my students by walking or public transportation, I prefer students in the Ridgewood neighborhood or within a short commute by either subway or bus. I do have a car and can drive to students, but only if there is available free parking near the student’s home.

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Chris said...

Tutoring is a great way to give back what you know to young people just starting out in life. I really like the content on this site. A bit unconventional, perhaps, but genuine!
Chris @ Coleman Kayak