Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to the Bay

Vicki in her Sirocco exploring the salt marsh
It was a long, snowy, cold winter. The snow and cold, combined with some minor health issues as well as an increased workload, prevented me from kayaking or sailing. That all ended last weekend when my wife and I enjoyed a short paddle on Jamaica Bay. It was our first Jamaica Bay paddle in over six months.

We put in at the Sebago Canoe Club New York Water Trail Access on Paerdegat Basin, paddled through the construction under the Belt Parkway bridge, and once in the bay, headed toward a salt marsh near the entrance to Mill Basin. Paddling near high tide, we were able to explore more of the salt marsh than usual. Except for the occasional jet landing at JFK, we would not have thought we were kayaking in a New York City salt marsh, as the only other sounds we heard were birdcalls and the croaks of bullfrogs.

Vicki paddled her teal Current Designs Sirocco. I paddled my favorite club boat, a blue 17ft Necky Chatham. While we have paddled these boats before, we were always in a larger group. This was the first time, however, when we both paddled traditional closed cockpit kayaks as a couple alone.

On the way out into the bay, one paddler passed us on his way in, and another kayaker passed by us as he raced out. Once in the bay, we saw a few powerboats, but none came close. It was as if we had the blue sky, warm temperatures, mild breeze and gently rolling bay to ourselves.

My return to Jamaica Bay after a six month hiatus also means I will probably be blogging more about kayaking (and sailing once the outboard is working again) than I recently have been, adding some variety to a perhaps overwhelming preponderance of Lectionary Ruminations.

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